Since I can remember there has been this dream of community living within me. And though the forms have moved through co-creating, co-parenting, co-living, co-working and many more, the essence of it became very clear to me this year. 

I want to live according to nature in every aspect of life, feeling the rhythm of nature within me. I want to live as a part of nature, in nature and with nature. I want to discover the human nature in all aspects, in living and working together, by teaching and learning, by connecting and creating, by solving and evolving. A culture where we connect with our true nature as a human being and a manifestation of our soul. 

I know there are many of you out there, who have a clear vision of what that might look like according to growing food, educating children, building houses and creating sustainable healthy living. And I wish to connect with you as an expert of your field, if our dreams of life are overlapping. I want to create a community, which is a source for a culture of peace and combines the knowledge of healthy community living from all directions and layers.

I want to be part of a field of unity within diversity, where we enrich and inspire each other through our uniqueness. Where we feel free and connected at the same time and encouraged to expand our soul´s dream without limitations. I want to create a space with you, where the field of love is an invitation for everybody to blossom. Where we create peace, where we integrate the hidden and approach conflicts consciously as a source for evolution. A community vibrating in the consciousness of love, creating the new and feeling at home.

I am a visionary and I am an explorer of the inner worlds, the consciousness of soul. It´s been the topic I have been studying and teaching the last twenty years of my life and in most of my other lives, too.

I´ve always been a connector and creator. As a child I used to gather children around me and create performances, activities, businesses and more. I always had a clear vision and knew where everybody’s place was to blossom. There was an immense creative power within me and I used to inspire others to create together in projects.

After I had spent one of the happiest times in my life living in different communities in my early twentys, I´ve also experienced the opposite later in one of my own projects. Since it was an all around experience of what is not working, it felt to me like a prewash of the illusions around community for me as preparation of something to come.

Community living has also been a dream of my mother. After I was born my parents bought an old farm together with two other families to create a community of living and raising children together. I experienced the upsides and the downsides of this, but could not really see the value and cherish the whole experience, until I became a mother myself and realized how unnatural it felt to me, to raise a child in an environment of a small family. A new flavor was added to my dream of community living and the need for a tribe became more meaningful through my son.

And even though I´ve been talking with many people sharing similar dreams over the years, this dream of mine has been buried under a huge curtain of „not realistic“ and „not the time jet“. 

Until NOW. So here I am starting to change my dream into a plan and share my journey of bringing a community into reality. 

(On the picture you see me on the left, six years old, in the place I grew up.)

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  1. Ich sehe dich Nohila, in dieser Community Rituale und Gebeye anzuleiten jnd andere darin zu unterstützen das Gleiche zu tun, allein durch dein Sein. Helferin für die Schule der Kinder, das wäre ich hier gerne. Der Name Schule allerdings bedaef einer Erneuerung. Ich verfolge dein Projekt sehr gerne!

  2. Ich wünsche dir, dass du viele/ einige Gleichgesinnte findest, die mit dir den gleichen Traum haben und die Kraft, ihn auch realisieren zu können.
    Liebe Grüße Jürgen

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